The county coroner is a 24/7 position in county government.


The coroner must be notified of all deaths not of natural causes and all deaths of natural causes that are unattended by a physician.

Coroners must investigate, report, and certify deaths and must comply with Arkansas law in the performance of these duties.

When a death is reported to the coroner, the coroner shall conduct an investigation concerning the circumstances surrounding the death and gather background information, medical history, evidence at the scene of the death and any other information needed to determine the cause and manner of death. Although the coroner’s investigation does not include criminal investigation responsibilities, the coroner shall assist any law enforcement agency and/or the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory upon request.


The coroner is authorized to issue subpoenas as necessary to secure pertinent medical records and/or testimony relevant to the determination of the cause and manner of death.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland

Miller County Coroner

409 Hazel Street
Texarkana, AR 71854

PHONE:    903-293-1134

ON CALL:   870-621-4578