Prosecuting Attorney

The 8th Judicial District South of Arkansas includes Miller and Lafayette Counties

The Prosecuting Attorney in the administration of criminal justice protects victims of crime as well as citizens at large. In addition, the Prosecuting Attorney seeks to punish criminals, help recover restitution for victims of crime, and to rehabilitate offenders who have shown a positive change in their life.

Our society experiences a wide variety of crimes including domestic violence, sexual assault, killing of children, child sexual and physical abuse, abuse of the elderly, heinous murders, distribution of dangerous drugs, assault on police officers and teachers, gang violence, writing of hot checks and numerous other offenses.

The Prosecuting Attorney, along with the law enforcement agencies, seek to apprehend and prosecute criminals helping to make our neighborhoods safer and benefit society as a whole.


The Prosecuting Attorney’s Victim Witness Coordinators assists victims throughout the criminal process. The Victim Witness Coordinator provides information about the criminal court process, notification about case developments, emotional support throughout the court process, accompaniment to meetings and court proceedings, assistance with matters of restitution, property recovery, referrals to other community services, assistance in seeking reimbursement through the Arkansas Crime Victims Reparations Board for various expenses, special programs for domestic abuse victims and assistance in registering for victim notification through the VINE Electronic Notification System and/or the Arkansas Department of Corrections.


The Prosecuting Attorney’s Hot Check Division serves merchants throughout the district in the prosecution and restitution recovery of hot checks. This free program provides businesses and individuals with information regarding prevention, effective processing and restitution recovery for those who have become victims to this wide spread crime.

If you are a victim who needs assistance collecting on a hot check, please contact us at the phone number above to obtain the information and documents necessary to begin the process. Remember, hot checks can only be controlled with your help. The longer you wait to begin the process, the harder it will be to obtain reimbursement for the hot check or prosecute the offender.

Prosecuting Attorney

Chuck Black

Eight Judicial District South

Office Location

Miller County Courthouse
400 Laurel Street, Room 6
Texarkana, Arkansas 71854

Fax 870-772-9315

Deputy Prosecutors

Erin Keil                                                       Teresa Severns
David Cotten                                              David Freeze
Jeffery Sams
Connie Mitchell

Department Staff

Brodie ReddenOffice Manager
Terri BruceCase Coordinator
Jennifer ScarboroughCase Coordinator
Patrick PhillipsRecords
Emma BlackwellLegal Assistant
Janet LummusReceptionist
Alan Fincher

Warrant Officer

Becky RichVictim Witness Coordinator