Teresa Reed

Teresa Reed


Office Location:

400 Laurel Street, Suite 104

Texarkana, AR 71854

Phone 870-774-0003

Fax 870-773-0879

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Closed on Holidays

Office staff

Front Row: Treasurer Teresa Reed, Chief Deputy Treasurer Leslie Ross
Back Row: Deputy Treasurer Robin Lindsey

Department Staff

Leslie Ross, Chief Deputy Treasurer

Robin Lindsey, Deputy Treasurer

What We Do

The County Treasurer is the disbursement officer of the county. The Treasurer is responsible for the custody and disbursement of all county funds. All fees, fines, penalties, and other moneys collected by any county officer, deputy, or county employee shall be deposited with the County Treasurer.

The County Treasurer shall keep a complete and accurate record of the receipt of such moneys and shall provide a written receipt to the person or office making such deposit. The Treasurer receives county tax collections, county turn back funds, federal matching funds, and revenues from various other sources. The Treasurer, after receiving this revenue, distributes the money to the various taxing units of the county. Taxing units such as county funds, cities, schools, improvement districts, and fire departments.

The Treasurer keeps account of all appropriations, encumbrances, expenditures, and unencumbered balances for each county department. The Treasurer must keep an accurate account of all cash balances and detailed account of all receipts and disbursements of the county. The Treasurer is responsible for projecting all county revenues.

The yearly departmental budgets are based on these projected amounts. The Treasurer is required to make a monthly financial report to the quorum court on the fiscal condition of the county.